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Consultation Installation & Relocation


We develop customer-focused storage solutions tailored to meet your needs, whatever they may be. From our core range of products we can also provide fully customised solutions. In Addition we offer a fully managed project installation service.
To enhance our product provision we also provide a comprehensive package of services including warehouse consultancy & planning, Rack Inspections and after-sales inspection
We can provide practical solutions to our customers through a detailed analysis of their storage requirements.
Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team and designers can provide valuable insight, solving our customer’s storage problems, whatever they are.
We have expert installation and relocation crews available to go to work for you.
Our team of experts will let you run your business, while we install your racks.
Whatever your choice of storage systems we will ensure they are delivered and installed with the utmost care and according to all the latest standards.
Our crews have the ability to bring forklifts, scissor lifts, man baskets, flatbed trailers and any other type of equipment to your jobsite to help your business succeed.
Business growth can be exciting and time consuming. Our installation and dismantling crews make your move go smoothly.We specialize in making the growth of your company a transition instead of an obstacle.
Our crews have the skills & experience to safely and efficiently dismantle all types of equipment. We can bring forklifts and delivery trucks to your business to make the process go as smoothly as possible.Contact us for your warehouse racking system, installation, dismantling and relocation project. Our Warehouse Engineers have the experience to help you with all your racking requirements. Call us on 08034484931, 08023362025 or